Hail Damage

We don’t fill hail damage with costly filler and paint – we get dents out, and preserve your vehicle’s original finish. Your vehicle will look like it did before the storm!

  • No filler or paint = Environmentally Friendly
  • As good (or better) than it was before the storm

Dent Removal

During the process,  accessing the back of each panel, we use specialized, proprietary tools to massage out the dents.

  • Dents can be removed in hours or even minutes
  • No color matching required
  • More affordable than a body shop
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Service is guaranteed for the life of your vehicle  

Headlight Restoration

Have a vehicle with the headlights discolored making you have trouble seeing at night ? While you're in here, you might as well get those headlights looking like new too. We can clean and polish them to look like new.

Windshield Chip Repair

Come see us and we’ll repair windshield chips before they become a costly problem.  We repair stone damage or stone "chips" up to the size of a Toonie. Best results are obtained when the damage is repaired right away, before it gets contaminated from car washing, road grime or inclement weather.  It's also better to get it done before the damage spreads. The development of more sophisticated tools and superior resins has enabled windshield chip repair to become an economically, environmentally and physically sound process when properly performed by a trained professional. -Your body work looks great – your glass should, too.  

 Some of the Benefits of Windshield Repair

Clarity - Improve the optical clarity in the damaged area by significantly reducing the visible damage

Efficiency - Create a smooth surface to prevent interference with the windshield wipers

Cost Prevention - Prevent the original damage from spreading further

Strength - Add strength to the windshield

Economic - Retain the original seal and save the windshield

Paint Chip & Scratch Repair

Yes we all do highway driving, dirt, and gravel roads. What does this mean to your paint? Paint chips... yes we all get them and it is a fact of life. If those small unsightly chips are not dealt with they will lead to rust. Can JTM Paintless Dent Repair LTD. help?

Most Definitely! We can repair and treat each chip ensuring maximum protection for your car and you can hardly see them. All our repairs are permanent as well.



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